Rebecca Rosen Lum came to San Francisco as a dancer. Teaching and performing in halfway houses, hospitals, psychiatric wards, schools, preschools and nursing homes she found stories that deserved telling to a wide audience. While most of these institutions were publicly funded, the public had little idea what went on in them.

She went about acquiring the skills to tell those stories with a passion. Since graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in journalism, she has been afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted in print and on the web, picking up several awards along the way. A writer and editor, she has embraced new media with relish.

For two years, she has participated in a flagship mentoring program launched by the Pacific Media Workers Guild, editing students’ work and teaching seminars.

She can be reached at rrosenlum at gmail dot-com.



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  1. Jeffrey Blumenthal

    Hi Rebecca –
    This is Leon’s friend Jeff. I just got my weekly Feedspot news aggregation and wanted to fwd you the name of the service.

    Great reporting! (yours, not Feedspot’s).

    Good to see you Sunday.


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