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Parkinson’s effects eased by classes

By Rebecca Rosen Lum
Oakland Tribune

IN A SUNLIT dance studio, a pianist plays a flurry of arpeggios. Men and women sitting on metal folding chairs slowly bend and stretch.

One man’s hands tremble; a woman’s legs remain rigidly bent. As one woman moves her hands, her feet involuntarily go along. These dance students have Parkinson’s disease.

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Is faith a wonder drug? Scientists say spirituality can influence healing, but how remains a mystery

by Rebecca Rosen Lum
Contra Costa Times
Carla Dodd was 43 and pregnant with her second child when two rapid-fire brain hemorrhages threatened to end her life. Her husband, John, is a medical malpractice attorney — logical, analytical. But Martinez resident John Dodd says he thinks prayer — by friends, fellow congregants and strangers as far away as Africa — had much to do with his wife’s long-shot recovery.
Whether intercess0ry prayer — that made on behalf of another — has any bearing on a desired outcome is a matter of debate, but scientists are taking a hard look at the value of faith as an instrument in healing the self.
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If they stay, parents can’t work; if they go, daughter’s treatment ends

by Rebecca Rosen Lum
McClatchy-Tribune Business News+

Nov. 4–Pixieish, long-haired and gregarious, Isabel Bueso, 11, wants to be a dancer and has a ballerina’s extension to prove it.

Since she came to the United States from her native Guatemala, Isabel has tried horseback riding and ice skating. She names five best friends from her fifth-grade class at Lafayette Elementary School.

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Barriers to reentry challenge parolees looking for work, stable lives

by Rebecca Rosen Lum
Oakland Local

Some 30 people, mostly men, pack around a long table at the Private Industry Council in downtown Oakland.

The room looks something like a community college class: A span of ages, attentive, dressed neatly, but informally. But everyone in this class is either on probation or parole.

They are low-level offenders – those for whom prison Gov. Jerry Brown crafted prison realignment. They are here to find out what they need – and what they need to leave behind – to find work.

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