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Barriers to reentry challenge parolees looking for work, stable lives

by Rebecca Rosen Lum
Oakland Local

Some 30 people, mostly men, pack around a long table at the Private Industry Council in downtown Oakland.

The room looks something like a community college class: A span of ages, attentive, dressed neatly, but informally. But everyone in this class is either on probation or parole.

They are low-level offenders – those for whom prison Gov. Jerry Brown crafted prison realignment. They are here to find out what they need – and what they need to leave behind – to find work.

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Interfaith group works to help incarcerated juveniles

By Rebecca Rosen Lum
Contra Costa Times

Feb. 28 — Most incarcerated youths have never committed a violent act, and many suffer from mental illnesses and learning disabilities, says an interfaith group calling for greater awareness of what its members are calling a crisis in juvenile justice.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations drew attention to the problem as part of Juvenile Justice Sabbath over the weekend. Participants prayed, preached, distributed educational materials, hosted outside speakers, and reached out directly to incarcerated youths in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York.

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